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 .eT|Basic server rules

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PostSubject: .eT|Basic server rules   Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:54 am

No Cheating
- Cheats, hacks and scripts such as; aimbots, wallhacks, multihacks, namehacks, guidspoofers, anti-recoil scripts, etc. are NOT allowed at our server, using them will result in a permanent ban!

No Spawnkilling (SK) with Heavy Weapons (HW)
- Killing the enemy in his own Spawn with HW is NOT allowed! (SK is only allowed with light weapons).
- The SK rule does not apply to capturable spawns, such as flags or commandposts.

Don’t Insult or Provoke
- Respect all players, including the so called ‘noobs’ or ‘newbies’ so everyone can enjoy the game.

No Tag Stealing
- Wearing the .eT tag without member status is forbidden in any way!

Don’t Ask for Admin Levels
- Asking for Admin Levels is NOT allowed not appreciated in any way and will result in a warning. Continuously asking for admin levels will result in degradation demotion and kick.

Don’t Advertise or Spam
- Advertising for your own community or clan will result in a warning and a mute. If it happens again you will receive a permanent ban.
- Continuously repeating the same phrase/words/sentence or a flood of Offtopic messages is considered Spam and will result in mute.

Forbidden Server Behaviour:

- No farming or XP whoring. Standing around only handing out ammopacks or medpacks is considered farming/whoring. Handing out ammopacks to a soldier with a dispatched mortar as a Field Ops is allowed and is NOT considered as farming.
- Don’t block doorways or paths for your teammates on purpose.
- Don’t push your teammates, for example; when they are sniping, mortaring, using a mg. Pushing your teammates of high ledges is also forbidden. Pushing is ONLY allowed when a teammate is blocking a doorway or path.
- Don’t defuse or activate landmines placed by other teammates on purpose.
- Don’t defuse dynamite placed by other teammates.
- Don’t use map bugs, exploits or secret rooms.
- Don’t trickplant or use your teammates as a step up to plant dynamite, for example; planting dynamite at the guns from the outside on the oasis map.
- Don’t use trickjumps, walljumps or doublejumps to complete a map objective, for example; jumping over the wall as an engineer to blow up the fuel dump to complete the map.

***Those are basic rules for all servers, People who breaks those rules will be punished severly***
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.eT|Basic server rules
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